Mine warfare operation brought to the next level

Ocean Eagle 43 MH is the mine hunting version of the Ocean Eagle 43.The mine warfare operating mode is based on the use of autonomous or remote operated vehicles embarked on the Ocean Eagle 43 MH playing the Mother Ship role.
Operations are done at safe distance from the vessel. Detection of the Mines at long range improves the safety for the Mother Ship, assures the integrity of the crew and ensures the success of the mission




> Detection and treatment of naval mines
> Deployment of the Mine Warfare equipment (AUV and UUV)
> Support to Mine Warfare diver operations
> Sea policing and State action at sea
> Fight against piracy, trafficking, smuggling and illegal immigration
> Defense against asymmetric threats, speedboats and the boarding of terrorists



Performance and Competitive Features

> Low Magnetic and Acoustic Signature
> Very high fuel economy compare to existing mine hunting vessels
> High reliability and straightforward maintenance
> An excellent ratio of “(surface area covered + performance) / operational costs”


Main Characteristics

> Length Overall : 43.60 m
> Beam Overall : 15.70 m
> Maximum draught : 2.00 m
> Maximum speed : 19 Knots
> Mine hunting speed : between 0 to 8 Knots
> Range at 14 Kts : 2500 NM
> Crew : 15
> Fuel: 18 m3
> Fresh water : 2 m3
> Hull & Superstructure : Composite Materials
> Classification : Bureau Veritas

Main Equipment & Auxiliaries

> Degaussing system
> Electric propulsion with two collapsible azimuth thrusters for Mine Hunting mission
> Two diesel engines with two CPP for cruising and naval mission
> Three generating sets
> 6.5 m outboard RHIB

Typical Mission Systems

> One Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) equipped with side scan sonar for detection and classification of mines
> Six Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) for Mine Identification, Inspection or Disposal
> One mine hunting data and mission management system
> Diving equipment
> One 20 mm remote-controlled gun-turret
> One electro-optical observation system
> Two 12.7 mm side guns
> One radio direction finder
> One C2 system