CMN invests in the marine energy

In 2013, CMN approached HYDROQUEST in order to industrialize and marinize the « Harvest » design


The HARVEST design, created by JL Achard, HydroQuest researcher and scientific counsellor


The HydroQuest prototype displayed during the 2014 Thétis Exhibition in Cherbourg


The project aims at building, installing and operating a pilot farm of 10 tidal turbines developing a unit power of 1.3MW in the Raz Blanchard zone, linked to the local electrical network for a total installed capacity of 13MW.

We do believe in the potential of our tidal turbines project: the machine is easy to build and to assemble, robust and modular so that it can be adapted to various depths of seas. It will make approximately 20 meters in height, with three superposed modules. The system has already proved its efficiency in fresh water; it will soon be tested in a marine environment.

The MRE constitute a major growth sector for CMN which has, in addition to a high-skilled labour, some already operational workshops. Their dimensions are appropriate to the tidal turbines and their bases, and are located in the near vicinity of the harbour.

With the construction and operation, in Normandy, of vessels dedicated to the realization of tidal farms, it is a real French industrial branch which is now emerging.

A partnership agreement was moreover signed with HydroQuest in order to develop tidal turbine farms all over the world ».


Assembly of tidal turbines by CMN

An industrial agreement has been signed in February 2013 with the German turbines builder VOITH Hydro and GDF Suez, associating COFELY ENDEL and a common subsidiary ACE.

This partnership materialized in the final assembly by CMN of the HyTide tidal turbine prior to its transfer to the EMEC testing site in Scotland.