Radar expertise for the installation of Wind farms

CMN proposes solutions aiming at reducing the impact of the wind turbines on the telecommunication and radar systems.
Having listed the presence of radars in a given geographical zone (meteorological, defence, airport or harbour radars), CMN can propose an adapted layout of the wind turbines within a wind farm (in a square- or delta-shape for example).


Extract of the radars located along the French littorals


Square shape of a wind farm according to the radar view angle



The wind turbine is simulated in CAO with a performing ShipEDF© software in all possible positions and in a real environment.
CMN applies the same technics as for the military and naval construction.


The treatment of signals is compared to the sea noise measurements with a view to update the softwares and correct the forecasts.



With respect to the legal constraints and the local rules and regulations, the model of the wind turbine and its layout are then validated.
In case this step cannot not be reached, CMN may then propose a modification of the bulb or of the blades designs.
Our shipyard has, for example, developed with INEO DEFENSE & GDF SUEZ, stealth blades and original designs.
CMN is a major and international actor in the military sector, in particular concerning the stealthness, an important and always developing field for the renewable energies.