Made in France renewable marine energies

CMN and HYDROQUEST confirm the creation of a 100% French marine turbine industry with the construction of a first demonstrator.

On the occasion of the Ocean Energy Europe Conference, on the 1st and 2nd of October in Paris, CONSTRUCTIONS MECANIQUES DE NORMANDIE (CMN), a leading European shipyard and HYDROQUEST, designer and manufacturer of innovative turbines parks, announce the producing of a first marine tidal demonstrator as part of the SEARIEUS project.

The SEARIEUS project, candidate for the Call for Expression of Interest (AMI) ADEME « tidal turbine test-farms » covers the design, the construction, the installation and the operation of a pilot farm of 10 turbines of 1.3 MW each in the area of “Raz Blanchard” (Basse-Normandie).

The construction of this demonstrator is a key step in creating a 100% french hydrokinetic turbine industry, based on two expert companies of marine renewable energy: the Norman manufacturer CMN and the start-up of Isère HYDROQUEST.