Located in Cherbourg, north western France the shipyard has built more than 700 highly sophisticated naval, civil and research vessels in aluminium, steel and advanced composite materials.

CMN is part of Privinvest Shipbuilding Group. Privinvest Shipbuilding is state of the art construction and design facilities in the Mediterranean, the Arabian Gulf, Germany, France and the United Kingdom have designed and produced some of the world’s most successful and recognized vessels in the Naval, Commercial Vessels and the Luxury Super Yacht markets. The group is composed of 6 modern shipyards (employing 2,500 people), has 350 years of cumulated experience and has delivered more than 1,600 vessels worldwide.

The group is composed of:






CMN offers:

• Naval Vessels up to 95 m (Combattante, Vigilante, Interceptors, Trimaran for maritime surveillance and Corvettes),
• Combat Systems Integration Capabilities and Integrated Mast,
• Logistic and Training Support,
• Supply Vessels and Work Boats,
• Refit, Repair and Overhaul of naval vessels and yachts,
• Hydrokinetic turbines (Ocean Renewable Energy),
• Renewable Energy Platform Assembly.


68 years of experience, 38 satisfied navies

Having established its pedigree as the world’s leading builder of fast surface combattantes over more than 68 years, CMN today remains on the cutting edge of naval-ship design, construction, Systems integration, training and through-life support. Our reputation has been built on the delivery of outstanding operational performance and comprehensive lifecycle support, attributes recognized by 38 navies Worldwide that have ordered or currently operate CMN warships.


The company was a pioneer in the development of the modem missile-armed Fast Attack Craft, with our Combattante family of designs being widely sold to navies across Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. CMN has also achieved significant sales success with the Vigilante range of patrol craft and offshore patrol vessels, engineered to provide exceptional sea-keeping and maximum efficiency.

Our reputation as a world class builder of highly complex and capable front-line warships is now being further enhanced by the Baynunah corvette programme. CMN’s success has been built on the experience and skills of our workforce, investment in modem design and production techniques, and a business culture that is committed to ensure customer satisfaction. It is a philosophy that has been recognised and appreciated by customers and clients spread Worldwide.


French Craftmanship

No company can stand still if it is to ensure long-term success in a dynamic and fast-changing market. CMN is continuing to optimise its organisation, capability and invest in new tools and facilities to deliver solutions and services properly aligned to the evolving needs of navies and industrial partners in all corners of the globe and to match to the demands of a fiercely competitive market. Hand-in-hand with these changes, we are shaping a truly international business around the nucleus of core engineering and production skills located at CMN’s renowned Cherbourg shipyard.


Innovation by design

Excellence in naval architecture and ship design remains fundamental to our success. CMN is constantly striving to optimise its design portfolio across all core market segments, from robust, seaworthy constabulary patrol craft right up to fast, agile and powerfully-armed surface combatants.

CMN remains at the fore-front of naval construction in its chosen markets, and continues to invest in superior and innovative designs. Our leading position has been reaffirmed by our recent contract in Africa.

CMN has been working on a very innovative design, adopting a trimaran hull, designed with a world expert on this architecture. The OCEAN EAGLE 43 is designed for surveillance missions and maritime response. It is combining a very slender hull with two small floats enabling the required stability. This combination reduces the fuel expenditure, increases speed and autonomy, while insuring a good level of comfort even in moderate to rough sea conditions. To save weight, composite hull has been opted.

CMN has also developed a mine hunter version of the OCEAN EAGLE 43. The mine warfare operating mode of the OCEAN EAGLE 43 MH is based on the use of autonomous or remote operated vehicles embarked on the OCEAN EAGLE 43 MH playing the role of the mother Ship.

Ocean Eagle Family



La Combattante 1_450

Improved Sea Proven

The Combattante family – of which over 90 examples have been ordered to date – has been the subject of continuous improvement over the course of the last 50 years. The latest developments of the Combattante family are the Combattante FS 46, evolution of sea proven CMN Combattante II class, and the Combattante FS56, evolution of sea proven CMN Combattante III class. Capitalising on CMN’s in-house combat System integration skills, we are able to tailor advanced Combat System solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers, using all available and suitable equipment from different suppliers. The re-engineered Combattante are compact vessels with stealthy lines and they combine high speed, long range and fire power.

Combattante Family



Build the future through sustainable marine energy production

The Marine Renewable Energy is a major area of growth for CMN. In the framework of the Searieus project, a partnership agreement was signed with the © HydroQuest company and the © Valorem group to develop marine turbines parks around the world. CMN has, in addition to a highly skilled workforce, operational workshops, located near the harbour, and sized to produce the Hydrokinetic turbines and their foundations.

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