Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) Monitoring and Protection

The constant increase around the world of illegal maritime activities, whether it is fishing, drug trafficking, human trafficking, terrorism and sabotage of maritime assets, has resulted in the demand of fully Integrated Surveillance and Monitoring System (ISMS) in order to protect its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and territorial waters.

The Mission

The mission of the ISMS is to protect the maritime and coastal EEZ national interests by creating an automatic detection and filtering systems, in order to minimize the threats, and to allow sufficient reaction time for the elimination of the menace.

The Threats

  • Human trafficking and Illegal Immigration
  • Fraud & smuggling
  • Fish poaching
  • Drug trafficking
  • Pirates and Terrorism


CMN is looking to serve countries as a partner and focus on a number of important aspects of coastal waters management:

  • Security of the national waters and EEZ: The implementation of a monitoring and protection system of the EEZ along with a number of state of the art shore facilities, patrolling vessels and interceptors.
  • Exploitation of fisheries resources: Economic and industrial development as the result of the establishment of a modern industrial fishing fleet.

The ISMS is defined in close cooperation with the state organizations to cope to the country needs. The system is scalable and adapted to the size of the EEZ, the type of threats and the national forces in presence (Navy, Coast Guard, SAR organization, etc…).

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