CMN to build a new shipyard in Cherbourg

CMN are willing to build a brand new shipyard in Cherbourg.

CMN work on the project for almost a year with the objective to develop a modern industrial tool close to the quayside. The project comes from four cardinal points:

– Human in the company
– Environmental excellence
– Improved industrial organization
– Modernization of the production tools

On 15th of July 2015 CMN received a favorable response to the call for manifestation of interest “Factory of the Future in Normandy”.
The first ship launch in CMN was in 1948, our buildings are old and we are limited in our production capabilities. The actual layout no longer corresponds to today’s industrial logic; we need to improve the optimization of our material flows and on our productivity.
Today CMN look to the future and consider settling of 8 hectares, 4 reclaimed from the sea, with 32500m2 of covered surfaces.

nouveau chantier_1
nouveau chantier_2
nouveau chantier_4