House of naval excellence since 1946

Having established its pedigree as the world’s leading builder of Fast Attack Craft « LA COMBATTANTE » over more than 68 years, CMN remains on the cutting edge of naval ship design, construction, systems integrations, training and through-life support.

Our reputation has been built on the delivery of outstanding operational performance and comprehensive life-cycle support, attributes recognized by 38 navies worldwide that have ordered or currently operate CMN vessels.



Taming the sea for you

Our company offers turn-key solutions in order to serve country’s needs, as a partner, and focus on number of important aspects of coastal waters management, as EEZ surveillance and monitoring, fisheries and renewable energy.


Featured Projects


The C Sword 90 is a stealthy corvette. She is designed and armed for deterrent missions and to operate in multiple theatres of operations and more especially, for littoral warfare defence operations against submarine, air and surface threats.

The vessel features stealthy hull and superstructure design integrating sloped surface and highly integrated equipment.

(Design by Thierry VERHAAREN Architecte Naval)

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OCEAN EAGLE 43 MH is the mine hunting version of the Ocean Eagle 43.
The mine warfare operating mode is based on the use of autonomous or remote operated vehicles embarked on the OCEAN EAGLE 43MH playing the Mother Ship role.
Operations are done at safe distance from the vessel. Detection of the Mines at long range improves the safety for the Mother Ship, assures the integrity of the crew and ensures the success of the mission.